We are always reviewing our courses to make sure that we provide the very best training that we can.

Here are a few comments taken from our trainer evaluation and feedback:

Jayne was excellent, this was probably the best course I have been on. It was delivered in a clear and precise manner

Jayne was a great tutor and I would definitely recommend her to any coding department.

The content of the course was very good and extremely informative. I felt it was excellent for me to improve my skills as a  clinical coder, and gave me the opportunity to go through things that I wasn’t fully understanding or have not come across in my line of work as yet.

The objectives were clearly communicated on the first day of the course. The pace of the course was very good, everything was explained fully and clearly and was repeated if it was necessary.

Tonia’s in depth knowledge along with her ability to explain in an engaging manner has made this a very enjoyable course. I  have felt completely supported and able to ask as many questions and request clarification as often as necessary and never felt rushed. The trainer was very clear and engaging throughout the course and it was extremely well managed.

Jayne is an excellent trainer and I always look forward to her courses.