At Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust we are committed to providing the highest quality clinically coded data audits, delivered by ACC qualified NHS Clinical Classifications Service (CCS) Approved Clinical Coding Auditors who have completed the CCS Clinical Coding Auditor Programme.

The auditors here at Blackpool have a proven track record of high quality audit provision and coding expertise, both within the NHS and private sector.

We can provide a range of audits, including Information Governance audits which will help to identify training needs and develop an action plan to assist in the attainment of level 3 for Information Governance Requirement 505. Examples of other audits which we can provide include data quality, mortality, specialty, and coder-level, amongst others.

In line with the Clinical Coding Audit Methodology as set out by The Health & Social Care Centre, all audit packages will include pre audit discussion/meeting, source document audit, post audit meeting and a written report which will include evidence-based recommendation and HRG analysis.